live dates

Live, we're now known as Patrick Short's Extended Family

Watch for limited live dates in Fall, 2008.


August, 2008 - new album, Red Right Returning is released with 13 original songs and performances by Amy Gray, Margie Boule, Anthony Dyer, Rene Berblinger, Bill Haas and several other new members of the extended family.

October, 2004 - The band concludes its outdoor season as a 3-piece at the Hillsdale Market on the 10th. Pat has penned a couple of new songs, one of them with Bill Haas writing the music, called The Past Is Another Country.

August 14, 2004 - Anthony Dyer [Eugene Symphony, etc] brings his violin into the band for a great set at the Hollywood Farmer's Market.

June, 2004 Pat and Amy teamed up for another jaunty number, this one for Amy's new puppet show, The Wacky Adventures of Lewis and Clark. The song is called The Corps of Discovery, and Pat recorded a piano/bass/drums track for the show.

May, 2004 Pat, along with Ruth Jenkins and Jill Bernard, has penned another little protest song - Do Not Resuscitate, about Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law. The live debut was this month.

April, 2004 A real David Nelson has quoted our song in his statement as a plaintiff in the ACLU lawsuit over the "No Fly List". Read it on the ACLU Website.

Watch for some new cover songs, as well as the Ballad of Davids Nelson, Surf Wherever You Want, Paranoia is a Family Thing, End of Your Days and I'm Not Lookin' - five new songs from the band!

7.15.03: The Ballad of Davids Nelson was used in the national PBS show, Flashpoints USA, with Bryant Gumbel and Gwen Ifill. The song bumpered into a segment on the David Nelson story. Wicked cool!

6.21.03: We've recorded and mixed The Ballad of Davids Nelson, a Patrick and Amy penned song about one small corner of the state of the nation. Check the recordings page for a download. Let us know if you've heard it anywhere. We think it's topical, and not in the ointment way of thinking.

This is the first time we've played a song live before recording it.

Davd Levesque left his cruise ship at Astoria, drove two hours, recorded his violin part and drove back to the ship. That's dedication!

Midwinter Jicker is available on our website, as well as at local Portland retailers:
Everyday Music

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release party

Sometime in 2004-- November 28 to be exact - see above!

what's next

We'll be playing live dates, and working on our next release, probably in 2005. We'll also be looking at Patrick's back catalog, as well as convincing Margie to set pen to paper for lyrics. Several new songs are already in the works.