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The lights are reflected
in these polished floors
that I was gliding over
only hours ago
When the room was twirling
and my head thrown back
with that lovely stranger met
upon the stairs

(sitting in a corner) I wish I hadn't done
(sitting in a corner) ooh
(sitting in a corner) what I did tonight

I see the lights reflected
I wish the lights were off
You might say that this is not
my finest hour
When the hands were held
and the drinks were bought
an evening with such promise

repeat chorus

who was leading
where it was leading
I couldn't' tell
when it ended
sitting here

The lights were reflected
then they turned them off
no longer gliding over
only hours ago
When the room was turning
out of control
and that lovely stranger
where's that lovely stranger

repeat chorus

© 2001 Patrick Short, BMI

Margie: lead and backing vocals
Patrick: piano, bass, drum program and backing vocal
John Antony: acoustic guitar
Pete Boulé: alto sax
Joslin Larson: backing vocal